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Why Socks Are So Important to the Homeless

Warm, dry socks are essential to anyone living on the streets. In fact, they are the item that is most requested by the shelters and organizations we serve, yet they are donated less frequently than other items.

Protection from infection and disease

  • Wet socks breed bacteria, which causes infection
  • More than 1 million American have diabetes, putting them at greater risk of skin injury, infection and even amputations


  • Many homeless walk several miles daily to access food, shelter and essentials
  • Accessing help is easier when your feet are healthy and free from blisters


  • People are more motivated to seek employment when they have confidence in their appearance.
  • Wearing socks and shoes with holes decrease feelings of self-worth

Help by heading a sock drive. For more information, contact
602-341-3822 or email [email protected]

Drop off Locations

H.E.L.P. Warehouse Main drop off point

2727 W Sweetwater, Phoenix, AZ 85029
Call (602) 341 3822 for drop off