Our Founders

Born out of a desire to serve the community, Dawn Marie & Michael Rapaport started H.E.L.P. in 2012. While growing up, Dawn Marie experienced seasons of Homelessness as a child. As a result, she’s understood the perspective of how difficult it is to be uprooted continually and not know where her head would rest for the night or when she might eat again.

Both Dawn Marie & Michael have been successful in their real estate and earlier careers and wish to be more committed to involvement with an underserved community and offer their talents & gifts back, providing hope, education, and direction to people who really need the help.

Board members

Board Members are a very important critical part of the growth of Homeless Engagement Lift Partnership. Our Board is made up of passionate professionals who believe in changing the cycle of homelessness.

  • Jo Mihelich
  • Lance Baxter
  • Jill St Croix
  • Erin Barry
  • Tracey Latham
  • Damien Johnson
  • Stacey Gross

Marketing Team

Our volunteer Marketing team does all the behind the scene magic, helping keep our community well informed on how someone can get involved with Homeless Engagement lift Partnership.

  • Paige
  • Lisa Bartholomew
  • Merry Holmgren
  • Joceline Ruiz

HELP Ambassadors

Our volunteer H.E.L.P. Ambassadors are directly working with the community by networking through business groups and Chambers. They help spread opportunities and educate individuals and business on how they can get involved.

  • Andrea Kunz
  • Fundraising and Donor Relations Amy Gonzales

Volunteer Coordinator

Our volunteer H.E.L.P. coordinator is working with our community to educate individuals and business on how they volunteer to get involved.

    • Cindy Shantz